Before the year comes to an end, I brought you today my favorite recipes 2018. A colorful mix packed with good ingredients.

The most popular recipes 2018

The year is coming to an end and it's time again for your absolute favorite recipes from 2018. For me, it's always exciting to see which recipes made it into the TOP10 , And this time I really like your favorites. Such a beautiful, colorful and above all healthy mix ! Whole eight out of ten of the most popular 2018 recipes are low carb or WW suitable. And the remaining recipes are full of healthy ingredients! Thanks for an incredible 4 million page views! You're great!

The same will happen here in 2019 - healthy, delicious and fast!

 My Most Popular Recipes 2018 - Gaumenfreundin Foodblog

The Most Popular Recipes 2018

Number 10

With my incredibly delicious low carb lasagna peppers, I open my top 10 of the most popular recipes 2018. Perfect for all Lasagne lovers who want to look out for the slender line.

Low Carb Lasagna Peppers - a simple low carb recipe for all lasagna lovers, d you want to pay attention to the slim line TALK FRIEND FOODBLOG #lasagne #paprika # stuffed #recipe #recipes #healthy #simple #fast #slimming #lowcarb #ww

Rank 9

In ninth place it has my blog post with tips and made healthy breastfeeding recipes. How nice!

Healthy diet while breastfeeding - My tips and prescriptions for breastfeeding. The recipe for the popular breastfeeding cocktail is also included. TREATMENTS FOODBLOG #stillen #rezepte #stillcocktail #stilltime #cocktail #wochenbett #mutterschutz #baby

Number 8

My Low Carb Chickpea Mince Pan is instantly prepared and easy to use real soulfood recipe.

Rank 7

In seventh place this year is my grilled zucchini with tomatoes and mozzarella made.I'm so in love with the fast low carb Big Mac role. And you know what? The dressing really tastes like the original Big Mac.

Low Carb Big- Mac roll - the best recipe for the popular Big Mac roll of all time The dressing tastes just like the original Big Mac TALK FRIEND FOODBLOG #bigmac #bigmacrola #recipe #lowcarb #healthy #fast #simple # minced meat #dressing #rolle #

Place 5

I still have a great zoodles love! An absolute classic is the zucchini noodles with cream cheese, which are very popular among you.

 Zoodles with Cream Cheese and Tomatoes - Easy and Fast Low Carb Zucchini Noodles with Cream Cheese and Tomatoes GAUMENFREUNDIN FOODBLOG #zoodles #zucchininudeln #recipe #recipes #lowcarb #healthy #fast #simple #vegetarian #foodblog

4th place

Home-made tastes best ! My fast and healthy bread recipe has been as much of an interest to you as it is to me.

Fast Spelled Bread

3rd place

Beloved, your taste is just great! My Low Carb Bounties are the third-most popular 2018 recipe. Heavenly delicious, easy to make and perfect for satisfying the healthy sweet-hunger.

 Low Carb Bounties - the delicious low carb bounties are perfect for healthy sweet-hunger in between TALKING FRIEND FOODBLOG #bountys #recipe #healthy #fast #simple #lowcarb #bounty #schokoriegel

2nd place

One of my absolute favorite recipes has made it to the top in your TOP10 and just missed the first place. The low carb spinach salmon roll definitely can not be missed at any party. I love them!

Low Carb Spinach Salmon Roll - A Healthy and fast low carb recipe that should not be missing at any party.In January, I really start again with WW, so I'm very happy about the first place! </P> <p> <img title =

Thank you!

For me, a tiring but incredibly beautiful 2018 comes to an end on Tuesday.

Thank you for joining me through the year. Thanks for your kind comments and messages, whether here on the blog, via email or Instagram. You're the very best reader ever ♥

What was your favorite 2018 recipe and what recipes do you wish for me in the New Year?

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