My low carb pumpkin casserole with ground beef and mozzarella is done really fast and a great fall food for the whole family

Fast Low Carb Pumpkin Casserole

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Actually, I wanted to I will not publish another pumpkin recipe for this year. But in search of a quick recipe without carbohydrates, I grabbed the pumpkin again. The result is a fast low carb pumpkin casserole, which tasted so good and therefore should not be missed in my pumpkin collection. The delicious and healthy autumn casserole is tastefully a real highlight on cold days and also very uncomplicatedly prepared. You'll love it!

Fast Low Carb Pumpkin Casserole with Minced Meat and Mozzarella

Low Carb Pumpkin casserole with minced meat and mozzarella

Casseroles taste great and small! My Low Carb Pumpkin Casserole is made really fast and a great fall food for the whole family. The slightly nutty Hokkaido pumpkin goes well with hearty minced meat and mild mozzarella. A dish that also tastes good to children. The casserole is somewhat reminiscent of a hard-backed hamburger casserole. With the orange vitamin bombs you can replace potatoes in the casserole. Incidentally, I cut the pumpkin slices for my son after baking and served him rice for the casserole.

Fast Low Carb Pumpkin Casserole

Step by Step to Pumpkin Casserole

First you have to finely chop onions and garlic and cut the pumpkin into thin slices. Next, mince with onions and garlic are sautéed in a little oil and the chopped tomatoes are added. Season the minced meat sauce with salt, pepper and oregano. And now you just have to layer the whole thing in a casserole dish and gratinate it with grated cheese in the oven.

The healthy pumpkin dish is ready to be prepared well the day before.Cut the pumpkin into thin slices.

  • Olive oil Heat in a pan and fry the minced meat with the onions and garlic. Add the chopped tomatoes and season with salt, pepper and oregano.

  • Cover a casserole dish with pumpkin slices and spread minced meat over it. Layer several times, depending on the size of the baking dish.
  • Den Bake pumpkin casserole for 40 minutes in preheated oven, sprinkle with grated cheese after 30 minutes of baking time.

  • Good to know

    8 WW SmartPoints per person, if you're skinny Use ground beef and grated light cheese

    Enjoy the delicious low carb pumpkin casserole and have a wonderful weekend!

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