My 10 best prescriptions for losing weight for a quick after work, to take away and for the healthy sweet-hunger in between.

10 healthy recipes for losing weight

Hand on the heart ♡ In the New Year, who among you has decided to lose a few pounds? So for me, the new year is all about the healthy recipes, to soon reach my feel-good weight again. Over the Christmas, I just too much biscuits, cookies and hearty meals eaten. The bacon has gone now :) I put together a little overview today with my 10 favorite recipes for losing weight . I hope you like my selection.

10 healthy and fast weight loss recipes - from simple zucchini recipes to healthy chocolate pudding - palate lover Foodblog #deleting recipes #healthy #recipes #slimming #recipe #healthy #food

Low Carb Zucchini Pizzas

The healthy zucchini pizzas are quick and delicious! Perfect to quench your pizza cravings.

With salami, tomato sauce and mozzarella, the zucchini pizzas also taste great with children!

Click here for the recipe for the zucchini pizzas

Fast Low Carb mini pizzas with zucchini, salami and tomatoes - a healthy low carb snack - palate friend Foodblog # zucchinipizza #lowcarb #pizza #salami #fast #healthy #shortening

Low Carb Chocolate Pudding

The creamy chocolate pudding made from avocado, chia seeds and Cocoa powder is prepared in no time at all and tastes good the whole family.

A very wonderful recipe for the quick chocolate cravings in between!

Click here for the healthy chocolate pudding

Low Carb Chocolate Pudding with Avocado, Chia Seed and Cocoa Powder - Gaumenfreundin Foodblog #schokolade #lowcarb # avocado #pudding #healthy #recipe #cacao

Zucchini Noodles with Feta Cream Sauce

I'm a confessional fan of healthy vegetable noodles that you can combine with any sauce.The fast bowl of pineapple, cucumber, tomato, oven falafel and mustard dressing will bring summer to your plate.

Low Carb, 0 WW SmartPoints and really tasty

Go to Favorite Bowl

Summery Bowl with Pineapple, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Homemade Falafel from the Oven - Gaumenfreundin Foodblog #gesund #healthy #rezepte #bowl #buddhabowl

Shrimp fritters

The frying pan with prawns, peppers, zucchini and vegetables Tomato is made turbo fast and the perfect low carb after-work recipe t (2 WW SmartPoints).

Packed with fresh ingredients and wonderfully crisp.

Click here for a quick stir fry pan

Turbo-fast shrimp pan with peppers, zucchini and tomatoes - palate friend Foodblog # vegetable fritters # shrimp fries # zucchini #fast recipes #delete #healthy cooking #lowcarb

Low Carb Pizza Roll

The pizza roll (4 WW SmartPoints) with chicken, arugula and tomatoes is a real classic on my blog. No wonder she just tastes really delicious!

You can prove the low carb role to your heart's content.

Click here for the recipe for the pizza roll > p>

The popular pizza roll with rocket, Tomatoes and chicken - a true classic among low carb recipes - palate friend Foodblog #pizzarolle #pizza #lowcarb # stuffed #baking oven #baked # tomatoes

Cauliflower Rice

Made easy and the perfect low carb side dish to Thai curry. The cauliflower rice (2 WW SmartPoints) tastes really seasoned even slightly after cauliflower.

A great low carb alternative to traditional rice.

Here's the cauliflower rice Basic recipe

Deliciously spicy cauliflower rice - the perfect low carb alternative to rice - Gaumenfreundin Foodblog # cauliflower rice #lowcarb # rice #gesund # vegetables # cauliflower # spicy #include #recipe

I hope you like my favorite healthy diets to lose weight. You can find lots of other quick and easy recipes at the top of my menu.

Let's enjoy it!


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