I've written down our 12 month nutrition plan for Tom and some quick and healthy lunch tips.

Nutrition plan with 12 months

Time flies by! Now a toddler is already sitting at the table and eating diligently what we adults eat. I never thought that Tom would be such a good eater, because the slug introduction was really very laborious :) Meanwhile, it works but great! There are days when he does not like bread or his beloved children's pizza, nor pasta for lunch, but for us grown-ups, that's no different.

Premilch does not exist anymore, unless he is ill or sleeps very restless. Then there's a bottle of very little powder (usually 2 spoons) and lots of water.

I've written down our nutrition plan for Tom and some quick and healthy lunch tips.

Our 12 month nutrition plan


Bread (preferably this one here) or rolls with butter, cream cheese or sugar-free marmalade, 4 cocktail tomatoes, 1/2 banana or raspberries, plus a cup of whole milk (150 ml)


Fruit or Homemade Green Smoothie


Tom likes a n favorite pasta with sauce, children's pizza or quiche. I've written down a few ideas below:)


Fruit and a wholemeal roll or homemade pancakes or homemade raisin bread


Bread or rolls with butter, cream cheese or liver sausage, cheese and 1/2 banana, served with a cup of whole milk (150 ml)

Ideas for a quick and healthy lunch

Pasta ​​h3>

Tom loves noodles, so that's pretty common here. As for the sauce, he is seldom picky. But he prefers to eat Bolognese (with carrots and celery), a tomato sauce with spinach or pasta with cream cheese sauce. He really likes whole-wheat pasta, so I offer him a colorful mix:)

Once or twice a week, I cook dumplings at noon and bake them in the oven with mozzarella or gouda. Without any sauce, Tom Schupfnudeln likes the most. Then there are mixed vegetables, mostly TK:)


Quiche with potatoes, egg and vegetables is made super fast and also tastes really good for children!

Kids Pizza

Tom loves his kids pizza! The dough consists of spelled flour, skimmed quark, olive oil and baking powder. Click here for the recipe.


Quickly made is an omelet with mixed vegetables and cheese.

Baked Toast

For the quick lunch is also suitable for baked toast.I often cook it together with carrots, vegetable stock and some milk.

Cheese spaetzle really everyone, right? The Swabian classic tastes delicious with walnuts and the perfect cheese....

With the fast tomato mozzarella sauce to pasta, you can quickly conjure up an Italian holiday flair in your own four walls. So Buon appetito!...

Here is my absolute favorite pasta salad - Italian pasta salad with arugula, dried tomatoes, zucchini and a honey-mustard dressing. Upper Yummy!...

Pasta with mushrooms, peppers and feta taste great! Thyme fits perfectly and gives the noodles the great spicy touch....